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This Toronto District School Board alternative school design program, where students earn high school credits by creating their own brand and running a skateboard business / professional design studio, now offers even more SK8 Entrepreneurship Opportunities & New Courses including SK8 & Art Co-ops, Native SK8 Studies, Physical Arts & Mindful Living...APPLY NOW!!! (*Info Sessions are held every Wednesday at 9AM in the OSF Classroom during the school year.)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Don't forget to check out the skateboard #SWAP meet 12-4PM Sunday @roarockit 880 Millwood!

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So many cool skateboards being dropped off for our Youth are Revolting show: reminder to students & artists that boards are due Monday (pictured @ickytoy x @portablecity )

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Doing a local studio tour to end our week, thanks to illustrator Juliana Neufeld for opening her door to our class

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Checking out a cool piece by @kwest8825 and the Local space as research for our collab Tshirt launch in June: @dhanioks x OSF x @kwest8825 x Lululemon

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Help Tenille and her customers choose which of our 24 new coffee mug designs will go into production for @tucanacoffee : drop into the shop at 1413 Dundas St W. to vote for your favourite!

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The OSF Crew delivering their coffee mug designs to @tucanacoffee

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Blade Skateboards

I'm an artist and a rapper from Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. I recently moved to Toronto a few months ago. My inspirations for my artwork come from alot of metal bands and horror movies. The bands that inspire my art are motionless in white beyond unbroken and asking Alexandra. The horror movies that inspire my art are saw and scream. My brand is blade skateboards and it exists to bring the metal gothic and horror movie art styles into street culture. The theme of my board is isolation. The two crows are just one crow imagining the other crow being there to comfort itself. The knife is the weapon the wounds the crows mind. The message I'm trying to send to whoever sees the artwork is the damage isolation can inflict on someone's mind.

My board is a 100 percent Canadian maple street deck. It was a pain In the ass to make I swear its cursed. I get good then get fast so it was a long process but it turned out great.Image may contain: 1 person


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Check out @portablecity inking a skateboard for our upcoming Youth are REVOLTING show in this video:

Sneak peak of an OSF Rat Vinyl Figure collectable being released in the Spring from our talented student designer @queen easy_rider

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Happy Birthday to our awesome teacher Lauren!

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Getting help on Tshirt designs from our awesome Anomaly Mentors!

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OSF x Anomaly Lunch & Learn session on Human Behaviour

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Will we see you tonight at the OSF Community Council Meeting Yes/No? (Thursday March 23, 7-9pm hosted @roarockit 880 Millwood)

Today is international water day and we are proud to have some collaborative skateboards made with @justseeds artists in this show curated by @jmacphee in NYC

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Students updating their portfolios with product shots of our OSF x @tucanacoffee Mug project...

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Lil'rockit @roarockit board collab for our upcoming show @gladstonehotel by the drummer from Sloan Andrew Scott x @salukiskate

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@girlsartleague talk and collab today

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Zim Skateboards

Zim Skateboards: I'm 18 years old. I started Zim Skateboards at the beginning of this school year. Since then it has flourished into the awesome fun loveing brand I formed it to be. My brand still plays off the retro style and vibe with the neon green and pinks although it hard to say my board shapes are retro because Zim is making an effort to push our board shapes to the next level. These 2 boards are perfect examples because I did a complete switch up from your normal street deck or long board. What I did was press 2 sets of pintail vaneers on my custom made street deck mold in order to create these awesome new long board shapes. The first one I made was the drop down. It was inspired by new wave long board culture and one of my close friends. They showed me that if you move your trucks on to the tails of your skateboard it becomes very similar to a drop down long board, but the only problem was wheel bite. So what I did was simply cut out where the wheel wells would have been. For board number 2 I wanted to continue with my new way of pressing pintails on my custom made street deck mold so I made a pintail street deck and it looks like a torpedo. For me the one thing I hate the most when I'm skating is wheel bite so what I do to all my skateboard is add wheel wells so there is more space between the board and the wheel. By now I'm sure your wondering how I do all this cool stuff.

Let me walk you through the process. First thing first I pick out my veneers then I set up to press the board using the @roarocket thin air press, tri bond 3 wood glue and a lot of elbow grease. After one night in the press to allow the gule to dry I will take the board out and shape it using a jig saw and rasp. After that I sand the board down and its ready for a graphic. For the first graphic I did a negative tape stencil with a double fade. Some of the elements and principles of design that I used for the board were symmetry, balance and color. On my second board I wood burned a maze in to the board. This was probably the most tedious way of putting a graphic on a skate board ... you would think I would have learned after the first time. On this board the elements and principles of design that I used were texture, lines and again balance.

Reflecting on my frist boards, over all I'm very happy. I feel like everything went really well with these 2 I had no problems. If I could change one thing about them it would be the length of time it took to make them. I'm super excited to hang both of these in my shop...now lets go skate!

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A custom @zim_skateboards deck for a client

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Another version of our poster featuring a board by Tattoo Artist Ian Langdon x @mad.in.us

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OSF x @tucanacoffee Mugs ready for delivery to the shop! Thanks @peaceandcotton for the support on this awesome project!

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Crow Pintail

Hey, this is my second semester as OasisSkateboard Factory. My brand name is Mossy Meadows. Living in
Australia on a farm for a year was my biggest inspiration for this skateboard. I remember sitting on the porch and drawing birds, specifically crows. The image of a crow makes me think of farm life. When you look at a crow from far away its not so exciting. But when you look at a crow close up, you see that there is more then just black feathers. When reflected in the light, crow feathers hold many colours. Lots of
blues, greens and purples. Before I make judgments of something, I like to learn more about it what I'm looking at. Most people think of crows as a pest and a symbol of the devil. I think of crows as a symbol of inner beauty.

To make this board, I pressed a pintail shape out of 7 veneers. Then I made a template and jigged out the shape. I wood burned the details and painted it with watered down acrylic. It was a time consuming process but it was definitely worth it. The elements and principles of design I used include texture, both
physical (created by the wood burner) and implied (created by my painting technique). I also used value to create highlights and shading to make it look
more three-dimensional.

Trying a new technique has inspired me for my next board. I want to use the painting technique I used on this board with different characters and themes.
Overall I think the board turned out quite well.

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Safe in your Skin

I'm seventeen. This is my fourth semester at OSF. My brand is Safe in Your Skin and we exist to promote positive body image within tattoo culture.

The inspiration for this board is the quote "When life gives you
lemons, make lemonade". I only used "When life gives you lemons.." to leave it open to interpretation, showing instead of telling. This board is part of a series of boards I've been working on with a
central bordered image. I've used images of women's bodies in a
provocative way as a kind of f-you, it's my body and I can do what I want.

I tried a new technique for this board by burning the shapes of the lemons out of wood veneers to make them stand out more. I was inspired by a relief board we did for Native Studies. After I burned out the shapes with a wood burner, I put wood glue on their backs and pressed the board back in the vacuum bag. Then I re-sanded the surface of the deck and started painting using acrylic paints. I watered down the acrylics to give it a soft wash effect. I like acrylic better than watercolour because I feel it bleeds less on the wood and it's easier to control.

I think the board turned out pretty good considering it was the first time I used the extra veneer technique. I want to do another board to go along with this new fruit series featuring peaches. I think they will look great laid out side by side. I talked to my mentor at
Anomaly about doing a colour series with a different flower for each
colour. This board gives me a good start thinking about how to make collections within my brand.
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Lizard Kidd

This is my first board at OSF. Our initial project was to create a
board that embodied my brand and gave a bit of insight into my
capabilities. I chose to make a dragon, a creature I look up to in
all its glory. My brand is Lizard Kidd, which exists to bring a bit
of magic to an all too real world. 
My inspiration for this dragon
board was my three-year artist block when I could only draw dragons.
This is a tribute to the end of my artist block. I feel as I walk along this earth, I am shaping who I was into whom I want to be. A transition of lizard-to-dragon is more than scales and wings, but a metamorphosis of mentality and perspective. A lizard
observes, skitters around and camouflages into its surroundings. But see, the mythical dragon is majestic: the dragon is strong and
spiritual, a creator and a destroyer. These traits are almost opposite, but can still attain each other, a transition between the real and unreal.
The board is a 100% Canadian Maple street deck. I choose to use a low
relief technique by sculpting the dragon’s head from a veneer. I
continued the process with wood burning to match the 3-D technique. I
then used watercolour to create a conceptual contrast of fire and
water in my material. I chose to place him sitting on the waterfall to
give the illusion of having control of a pure life source.
I think this board turned out amazing and was happy to apply new skills. I am excited to make the next board for my brand Lizard Kidd!
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Sadness (by MADINUS)

Image may contain: 1 personThis is my first board of my third semester at OSF. I’ve lost count on
how many boards I’ve made at school, some for clients and a lot for my
brand MADINUS. MADINUS exists to release, embrace and celebrate our
inner freak show. This semester, I am breaking away from my brand
circus colours and expanding my brand identity into a variety of
product lines. This board fits into my product line under the slogan
“Tears to my MADINUS” which reflects the sadness in a freak show; this
is my attempt to dig deeper beyond the stereotypical imagery
associated with the freak show into a more personal, emotional realm.
My brand imagery has evolved from “circus’ to “freak show’ to
“carnival” over my time at OSF.

This board is inspired by a self-portrait. All the things that make me
happy are above the eyes, thinking about childhood memories. On the
bottom half of the board in the tears are things that are inspired by
temptations and more twisted thoughts. The variety of symbols together
shows a range of images developed from my sketchbook doodles. The
small images work together to create a repeating pattern of designs.
The board is made from Canadian maple that I hand-painted with

I like how the board came together because it is a reflection of me. I
am also excited about how this board takes me in a new direction with
my brand!