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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Hi! This is my first semester at Oasis Skateboard Factory. I’m a full time dog walker and aspiring entrepreneur.

My brand is Saluki. Saluki was already a canine services, specializing in dog walking, when I joined this school. I combined this company and my skateboard brand after Craig Morrison pitched the idea of using it to help myself reach new clients, while also leaving future work open for portfolio use in the field.

I hope to travel to Europe to study to a high standard of dog grooming and learn more about the field once I graduate; after which I will be pushing the business out of it’s bootstrap phase.

Saluki’s goal is to provide specialized services that reciprocate the love and respect dogs give their owners.

At the beginning of the semester, I was told to try something that would represent my brand’s goals and aesthetic. I aspire to turn Saluki into a high class, serious grooming business once I have the skills to fill in for employees successfully. I feel the brand logos already carry that confident, professional feel; so I went for a character in a fancy café who would be a somewhat intriguing, yet somewhat intimidating presence at the same time to represent this. I turned him into a stretched-out dachshund for a more humorous and relaxed feel; as well as added a pun filled menu in the background.

My biggest inspirations for this board would be the pop-art from the nineties, that can already have that fun, yet interesting feel.

Making this old fellow was a fairly long process, which entailed:

-Starting off spraying the whole board a light red

-Stenciled the shape of the dachshund, hat, header, table, chair, and wooden menu, and left tape to cover where the logo would be.

-Went over the board with a layer of dark brown.

-Covered the whole board with tape

-Stenciled the shape of the dog-themed wallpaper

-Re-taped the entire board and stenciled out the shape of the dog and his hat, leaving an outline so that he could have a dark brown outline

-Covered the dog with light paper, before stenciling the edges of the hat into it, and spraying a lighter brown

-Uncovered the dog and covered the hat

-Speckled the dog with the same color as the hat

-After this, I cut a hole directly under where the dog’s ears end, to line up his face.

-Taped the entire board and stenciled where I wanted the dark brown facial features

-Of course, sprayed this dark brown; the eighth and last stencil layer.

-Used a black paint marker to create his face, the chair, table, as well as detail his body

-Followed this with touches of a white paint marker to complete his eyes, nose, olive, menu, and add details to his nails.

-As a final touch I finished his eyes with the black paint marker, as well as wrote and detailed the menu

-Finally, of course I gave the board a glossy seal.

I personally think the skateboard turned out okay for my first board, and I learnt the mistakes you make as a beginner, and how to fix and not repeat them.

I look forward to the ability to earn the rest of my credits by working with my hands.
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